My Design Process

I deeply value the distinctive nature of each project and client brief. It’s my commitment to tailor my approach accordingly. My aim is to address every project with a personalised touch, ensuring my efforts are aligned precisely with the unique needs of both the client and the project’s deliverable requirements.

In line with this philosophy, I adhere to a structured design process outlined below:


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During this phase, I dive into gathering comprehensive information about your project and your specific brief. It’s an exciting stage that allows me to truly understand your preferences, desires, and requirements, which I then translate into a detailed and cohesive design concept.

This phase often represents the heart of our design journey, where I carefully document all room designs and ideas for your property. You can expect to receive detailed sketches and immersive visual representations for each room.

Additionally, I’ll provide you with a comprehensive design direction that captures the essence of our desired style and encompasses all elements throughout your space.


Once I’ve received approval from you for the Design Brief Stage, we move forward to the next exciting phase, where we further develop the agreed design direction.

During this stage, I meticulously refine the initial design sketches and renderings, transforming them into precise technical drawings and detailed specifications.

This thorough process enables us to concentrate on the intricate details of every element within the design. I create sample boards, floor plans, specification schedules, establish budgets, and produce technical drawings for all elements that we agreed upon during the Design Brief.


Following the completion of the Design Development Stage, we smoothly move into the procurement phase, where we take proactive steps to order all the specified items for your design.

This entails a comprehensive scope, covering various elements such as furniture, lighting, accessories, hardware, and approved fixed components.

interior design bristol bath - Gary Ollis Interior Design


Welcome to the exciting culmination of our design journey! In this final phase of the process, we focus on the installation and styling of all items.

We meticulously oversee the implementation of the final finishing touches and enhancements, incorporating any additional accessories to ensure the design harmoniously aligns with our original concept. This keen attention to detail guarantees the realisation of the new scheme.


To enquire about a project, please email me at or call me on 07510 311398.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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